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Retail Industry

In today’s dynamic and shaky business world, the retail industry is constantly upgrading itself. With an endless array of customer choices, fierce competitors, pervasive use of the internet, and a complex global economy, retailers need to focus on finding ways to sustain and grow their businesses. Traditional growth models that focused on rolling out more stores and adding more product lines, no longer enjoy the return on investment they once did. Successful retailers are those who are able to adapt and change to the environment and develop new ways of serving customers, respecting the dynamics of current trends and adapting accordingly.

The retail industry in India is hailed as a sunrise sector, and is estimated to double in value from US$ 330 billion in 2007 to $640 billion by 2015. In fact, India has topped AT Kearney's annual Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) for the third year in a row as the most attractive market for retail investment.

The bad news is, despite the fact that India has one of the largest number of retail outlets in the World, organized retail accounts for only 4% of the total market. This makes it especially difficult to apply sophisticated merchandising and sales tools, enhance consumer interaction and also, make very accurate analysis. That said, analysts believe the sector is likely to show significant growth of over 9 % p.a over the next 10 years and also see rapid development in organized retail formats, with the proportion likely to reach a more respectable 25% by 2018.
 ( Source / Stores Magazine)


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