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Currently, T-shirts worn as one of the company’s media campaign which proved quite effective. The message can be communicated through those companies who use these promotional shirts. The messages to be conveyed can be represented in the form of text or graphics on the chest or promotional shirts using silk screening or embroidery. Even so for funds expended are not redundant to think about exactly what kind of shirt used as a promotional tool.

In general the form of promotional shirts are often used there are two types of T-shirts / t-shirts and polo shirts. T-shirts are often used for events that are not too formal, as well as comfortable to wear campaign t-shirts can also accommodate a wide range of designs according to the needs of the event. Uniforms for event participants or event organizers appropriate to use this type of promotional shirts. T-shirt promotion is also suitable for use at events held during the day and outside the building such as outbound or family gathering. Materials are lightweight and quick to absorb sweat like cotton can be selected according to the available budget. Cotton jersey combat can be selected for promotion with better quality while for a more efficient material costs can be selected while cotton carded if you want an even cheaper to use hijet materials, often called a campaign T-shirt material. Often there is a request for promotional t-shirts using more expensive materials such as dry-fit for exclusive outdoor activities such as golf tournament and others but need to be considered in addition to about the price and prestige of this type of shirt is actually more suitable for use in sub-tropical rather than in humid regions such as Indonesia. For the color can be customized to the needs but it should be considered for activities in the hot sun in white T-shirt promotion should be an advantage.

The functions of polo shirts have the same properties with T-shirts but because of the collar of the shirt this campaign looks more formal and suitable for indoor events. Because the impression that appear to be exclusive then often also used as polo shirts gifts as part of the company’s merchandise. Materials commonly used can be selected according to taste and funds owned. Materials such as cotton combat, carded cotton can also be used for other than material Lacoste polo shirt and Waffle. Because of the porous texture that tends to last two more materials using screen printing decoration instead of embroidery. For decorative cotton fitted using embroidery or embroidery process but also silk-screening process can be easily implemented.

For all promotional T-shirts that use basic colors like striking red, blue, green or orange at risk of easily fade so you should at first until the third washing clothes separated from others or to remind vendors to do the washing material before the process of sewing done.