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Enhancing Your Brand Image with Promotional Clothing

From caps and T shirts to Complete uniforms - making your staff easily identifyiable can be a key part of your marketing - here are some of ways to do this effectively.
If you use signs to identify your company buildings and vehicles, and printed stationery to identify your communications, then why not add corporate apparel and turn your staff into live, branded ambassadors for your business? Uniformed employees stand out from the crowd, and get your brand in front of more prospects and clients with walking, talking human billboards.

Uniforms can be used in a varety of ways. Here are few examples.
  1. Frontline people in a retail store who need to be easily recongnizable as someone who can help customers.
  2. Behind-the-scenes staff who need to feel part of the team
  3. Delivery people who take your brand to the streets
  4. Employees socializing as a team after work.
  5. Tradeshow staff, travelling together to your annual conference.
  6.Even sports teams branded with your logo through sponsorship agreements.

Whether you provide uniforms for daily use or special occassions, this professional, branded look can enhance team spirit and present the desired image for your company. It can also provided a standard dress code, ensuring that each member of your stafff is dressed appropriately for work. This has been a key concern for many HR department inthe wake of "dress down" policies run amonk. The promotional apparel industry offers many choices in loged business wear and uniforms from casual khakis and embroided work shirts or polo shirts to loged ties and even jackets.

In planning your company wardrobe, you can choose the level of dress required. You can also provide a range of choices to fit a variety of occasions. ( i.e. a separate uniform for the office, trade show floor and company base ball team). The right garments will sometimes even spill over after hours.

For example, if you give t-shirts and caps to your staff or corporate-sponsored sports team, there's a good chance they will eventually turn up at the gym or be seen at the supermarket or beach. This builds loyalty and a sense of community among your staff while also providing great, low cost promotion of your brand.

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